There are so many things in life that we don’t understand. 
We know them, we know of them, but we don’t fully understand them.
Imagine what it must be like to just be able to understand everything you come across, to be able to not only look at something and touch it, but to be able to know exactly what it’s made of and the many different ways you can use it.
I guess what I’m trying to say is, why can’t we open up our minds that way?
Why can’t we know something, learn it and completely understand it?
Maybe it’s one of our limitations as humans, or maybe we weren’t taught how to understand things. I’m assuming it’s one of those things you try on your own when you’re older and no longer  depending on someone else to explain things to you.
So if we let our minds expand that wide, maybe, just maybe we could understand the true meaning of our existence. Or why the world doesn’t revolve around us, and how someone could live exactly the same way you do/did but end up being better than you. There are so many things we can’t understand, but we somehow know; because we were taught to believe what someone once “assumed” they understood.  


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22 poet http://www.youtube.com/user/Ranooyful

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