ImageWhen I started this I never thought this would be a topic I’d be discussing a lot, but here we go.
One of my biggest “I’ll kill you” situations occur when someone takes depression lightly or makes a joke out of it.
Depression is not at all funny. You can not just make fun of people for being depressed wtf is your problem!
It’s a serious mental illness and it’s the saddest cause for someone’s death. I think the problem with our society is we find joy in others’ pain. Ugh I can’t even continue writing this!

You can not just simply tell a person to kill themselves when they tweet something along the lines of “I can’t take this anymore” .. “When will this end” YOU CAN ACTUALLY MAKE THEM KILL THEMSELVES! Are you seriously ready to live with that? Are you seriously willing to go on with your life carrying the guilt of the fact YOU TOLD THEM TO DO IT, YOU TOLD THEM TO GIVE UP.
And worse if you’re heartless enough to say you had nothing to do with it and actually believe yourself. Someone could be seriously struggling with depression and having suicidal thoughts and instead of giving them hope you’re making them feel stupid, a waste of space and worse, useless. You don’t understand what it’s like to them. You never will; it’s not the same sadness you feel. 

And yes it’s an illness, what are you gonna do next? Call people sick? because they suffer from depression? Wow, what does that make you? Seriously just imagine if someone you love had depression and was saying those things, and someone LIKE YOU was telling them to basically off themselves how would you feel? Wouldn’t you want someone to help them instead? 

So pleaseeee if you’re one of those people, STOP or if you know someone who continuously tells people to die or kill themselves, send them this. 
Because I’ve been there, and one of my friends has also been there. Self harm isn’t a joke, don’t call someone emo just ’cause they have scars, and don’t you ever judge something you don’t understand. Stop being an ignorant douche. It’s 2014 for crying out loud; CHANGE.


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2 responses to “Awareness

  1. fadwa

    It came in the right time :’) thank god theres someone out there who thinks the same as i do ,keep writting sweetheart ♡

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