It’s not easy to be yourself, especially in a society like this, where girls are expected to be a certain way and if you’re a bit different, you’re an outsider and those ignorant minds will make fun of you or even worse, prejudge you.

I think people often forget the fact each one of us was born to become their own person, to have their own personality, their own hobbies and habits. We can’t all just be the same, that’s why god created us with differences, different fingerprints, different skin tones, different voices and different sizes.

We should celebrate our differences and take pride in who we are and what makes us different. We were born to be different. It’s not wrong to be yourself, it’s wrong to be like everyone else, to “fit in” and to do things you don’t want to do and say things you don’t believe in, TO BE A PERSON YOU ARE NOT.
So don’t let society, or anyone make you feel like you need to be someone you are not. Because (in the words of Kurt Cobain) That’s a waste of the person you are.


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