Escape, die.

I’ve built up my life around you
But you’re gone
I don’t know how to function anymore
I don’t think anyone could ever
Ever know how I feel inside
I need to get away
I need to leave
I can’t escape this
I can’t runaway from you
But here’s the question
Am I planning to runaway from you
Or from myself?
You’re everywhere I go
Everything I see reminds me of you
I can’t escape you
You’re like my own shadow
You don’t understand
Nobody understands
Just because I’ve been here before
It doesn’t mean I’ll be okay this time
It doesn’t mean this won’t be the death of me
I want to get away
I need to be set free
I can’t keep being a prisoner of my own mind
I need to leave myself behind
Who knows.
I don’t need help
I want you
I’m sorry.


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