Earth, Fire and Paper.

Well, we all have our (strange) obsessions, some of us love grass (I mean actual grass) some love glass and so on. And no I don’t mean the normal (Oh this makes me happy) No. It’s the actual obsession with it, like if you don’t see it or touch it for a day, you might freak out and go crazy.
My obsessions are different, I mean I have so many obsessions (No, I won’t be talking about Twilight or bands) but these three are the ones that no one seems to find a bit strange, but I do. Even though I should understand this because they’re MY obsessions, but let me explain further. My three obsessions are irrelevant, or maybe they’re not. I mean here’s what I think. I love fire, trees and books. Now this is like rock paperĀ scissors. Fire burns books, books kill trees, well, for the most part.

I love fire because it amuses me, it can start as a spark, and in seconds it can destroy anything and everything. It reminds me of myself actually, I may not look like much, but I’m capable of taking care of myself and destroying what’s in my way (if I have to) Also I love the way just the fire from the candle can heat up the jar it’s in, and the way it can easily burn you, even though you don’t really think of it as (FIRE) But it’s there to prove you wrong.

Then books, books make me happy, they open up doors to a different world and they give me a chance to live someone else’s life and be in their shoes, they make you realize that your imagination is able to make simple letters transform into an image in your head, and only you can see it. And what’s great about books is even though each one of us sees the characters a different way and pictures their surroundings a different way, we get what the other person feels, and what the other person has seen. We get it. Books create an easy exit in my life, and just the thrill of being able to see the world from another person’s eyes, that’s beauty.

And last but not least, treeeesss. They were my first ever obsession, I think I realized my love for trees isn’t just (love) when I was 10, I was just fascinated with how a tiny seed can become A HUUGEE tree, and the fact they grow on their own, and the fact they’re strong and the fruits and vegetables thatĀ (magically) appear on them. They provide a home for ants and all kinds of insects, animals also. They’re generous in all kinds of ways, I sound like I’m talking about a person, but if you really think about it, trees would make better humans than a whole country put up together. They’re selfless and all they do is give, and don’t expect anything in return.

That is the end of my crazy obsessions. I don’t like conclusions.